Cemetery Memorials

Cemetery Memorials

When considering a meaningful memorial for your loved one, upright cemetery markers are not the only option. At Roc Memorials and Monuments, we offer a variety of high-quality cemetery markers, including slants, bevels, flat granite markers, benches, boulders, veteran memorials, all of which can be personalized to your unique specifications.

We offer a  range of lettering, engraving and inscriptions. Let us assist you in creating a custom designed headstone or memorial to celebrate your loved one. Stone Engraving can be applied to all shapes and sizes of stone, creating distinctive upscale stone engraved Headstones, Markers, Pet Markers, Natural Stone as well as decorative engraved garden stones. Nearly unlimited fonts, images, stone types, and sizes are available. We can engrave stone as small as hand held stones, on up to extra large boulders and cut stone. Stone engraving lets you leave your mark and will be seen for generations to come.

We specialize in engraving / carving engineered stone, architectural stone, and engraved bricks and pavers.

Upright Monuments

The epitome of memorialization, upright cemetery monuments consist of a die and base. The die, situated atop the base, typically features serpentine, oval, or straight tops, with options for custom shapes available at an additional cost. The base complements the monument with a polished top, a sawn bottom, and rock sides.

Slant Markers

Designed to catch the eye, slant markers provide subtle yet easy viewing angles, making them an ideal showcase for your loved one's memorial. These markers, often featuring one or two names, stand at a height of 1 foot 2 inches or higher in increments of 2 inches and are typically 10 or 12 inches wide.

Bevel Markers

Positioned above the ground, bevel markers serve to identify individual burial plots or complement family monuments. Companion bevel markers are suitable for two burial plots, such as those for spouses. For a traditional appearance, opt for sandblast artwork, while laser artwork offers a personalized and modern touch. These markers are generally 8 inches high with a 1 ½-inch drop back to the front.

Grass or Flush Markers

These stones sit flush with the ground, maintaining the natural tranquility of the cemetery property. Available in various sizes, typically 24 inches by 12 inches, these markers preserve the serene ambiance of your cemetery with our flat granite markers, seamlessly blending into the landscape while reflecting the unique lifestyles of those memorialized. 

Memorial Benches

Custom memorial benches can be engraved with lettering or even photo-realistic images.  Consider special, meaningful symbols that can be etched into the memorial bench, whether religious, military or simply a personal image that held deep meaning to a special person. Available in almost unlimited design, options, our memorial benches can be an ever-lasting remembrance at home or in a cemetery. Cremation benches can incorporate urns and are designed to either stand alone or complement structures or gardens.

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