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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Family owned and operated by Katie & Mark Meeson.  Our dedicated manager, Ashley Condo and our goldendoodle, Granite look foward to assisting in celebrating your loved ones lasting memories.

We have been designing, procuring, manufacturing and setting memorials since 2004.

We've been dedicated to preserving memories and honoring lives with services such as monument design and sales, graveside maintenance, laser engraving, wood burning, and etching. With an on-site artist and a range of funeral and cemetery services, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet your needs during difficult times.

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Preserving Memories, Honoring Lives

At Roc Memorials and Monuments, we understand the importance of preserving memories and honoring the lives of your loved ones. Since  2004, we've proudly catered to the communities of Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, and their environs with our extensive expertise in crafting memorials and monuments that honor your loved ones.

We are here to assit you in the process of choosing the perfect memorial for your loved one.  Thre is only one rule we ask you to consider, NEVER be rushed into any decision.  A memorial is forever, and feeling like you need to have it set in the cemetery by a certain date, or feeling pressured by a consultatnt to make a decision is the one true way to not end up with exactly what you want.  


History of Memorials:

The word monument comes from the latin word "monere" meaning "to remind".  The creation and placing of monuments, even if only a pile of rocks, has been one of mankinds oldest traditions.

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